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I am a practising artist who has lived in Leeds since the early
1970's and began studying art in Manchester with a foundation course which allowed me to gain a place on a Degree course at the Leeds Polytechnic/College of Art, after getting an honours degree there, specialising in painting & printmaking I was accepted on a MA course at the Manchester college of Art.
I have had numerous "one man" exhibitions throughout the country. I have also been the recipient of 6 Yorkshire Arts Awards the most recent in June 2000. Currently I am represented by the 'Mark Barrow Gallery of Modern British Artisits' Marylebone Street, London.
I work mainly in mixed media, i.e acrylic , oil, metal paint and collage on canvas.
My work whilst figurative is not in essence either photographic or illustrational but borders more on the organically abstract, where images are allowed to emerge from the unconcious mark making. The images themselves are influenced by events both personal and collective, for instance the series of paintings "New York Falling" were triggered by
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the terrorist attack on 9/11. However whilst some of my work has been influenced by religion and politics acting as a catalyst for my subject matter, the freedom to experiment is just as important in the realization of those images.
For instance the combination of metallic paint and water in the series "Jumpers" where I spray water and metal paint onto the images creating a patina of colour through chance, a visual effect achieved by the resistance of one fluid element by the other. Likewise in the series "New York Falling" I used the Spires of painted corrugated card, like a brush, pressing it against image and surface to create a skeletal structure, a ghostly aftermath of the "Twin Towers" falling.
Chance, visual stimulus and the use of unorthodox methods of painting, all coming together to create images which stimulate, capture and hopefully stay residualy in the mind of the viewer.

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