Patrick Bew Modern Artist

Gallery 1- High Street Shrine, Body Bags & Mother & Child

 High Street Shrines
High St Shrine 2High St Shrine 1

Body Bags 

Body Bags 1Body bags 3Body bags 4body bags 5Body bags 6Body bags 7

          Body Bags Triptych                    

Body bags Triptych No. 3

Body bags Triptych no.1   
Body bags Triptych no.2 Museum Pieces


The Expectance of silence.

From the approaching trees, birds move

Darting through the branches, feathers hang

From congealed flesh like black tongues rolled:

So many haloes looping the sky

Death is in this place, not a dying of flesh

But the past housed in the mind

Like museum pieces Time itself without life.

Is this the ritual

Barbed to blood on wire thorns

The mind leaving memory traces: falling in

The gaps between their lives, why am I here?

To exorcize the living.

From fading photographs figures emerge

Ghost-like on white paper

                        Mother & Child Diptych                                         

Mother & child Diptych 1

Mother & child Diptych 2


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